New Year – A Healthier YOU


Do you want to feel lighter and healthier? Shaklee 180 can help you get to be a healthier YOU. In the last few months Shaklee 180 products have helped me drop 26 pounds and counting. You can be assured you are getting superior nutrition without feeling deprived.

Here is a picture of me “Before”. This is hard to post, but I want to show you results.


Oh my! This picture was taken on our anniversary trip to wine country. Yikes! So puffy!


Now down 2 sizes and feeling so much better. The Shaklee Life Shakes, snack bars and supplements provide optimum nutrition with pro-biotics, fiber, luecine (amino acid which helps preserve muscle) high quality protein, low glycemic, preservative free and gluten free.

NOW a starter kit is $50 off with a FREE membership. Also take advantage of 1/2 price shipping through 12/31. Get your products to start in the new year!


I use “My Fitness Pal” a FREE app to track my food intake.


You can get it on your phone or on your PC. SO helpful to keep you on track.


You’ll be supported by our team. LOTS of ideas on smoothie recipes and food ideas to make this an easy transformation. You’re going to feel great and we’ll be here with you every step of the way.  A great idea is to do a 5 day “re-set” to start off your weight loss journey. Ask me for details.