david kelli joshua tree (1)Over 25 years ago, a friend asked me to take a look at some products she was in love with.  We sat down at my kitchen table with our toddlers playing at our feet.  Her excitement sparked an interest in me because everything Shaklee sell

s is to promote a healthier lifestyle and healthier environment.

I agreed to become a member in Shaklee from that moment on, I read every piece of information given to me. I was sold. Number one, I trust the integrity of my friend and Shaklee. I have always been blown away by the stringent quality control, research and products Shaklee offers.

Because I fell in love with these products, I couldn’t help but share them with friends and family.  Soon I realized I could help people not only with sharing the products but also by showing people how to get their products for free and also earning career income from home.

Shaklee has paid us a bonus check every month from the moment I made the decision to share my passion.  We’ve earned a company car, trips and our products paid for because of our efforts.  Shaklee offers an opportunity to do earn as much as you want.  Share a lot, or share a little.  Either way you are rewarded.


We have seen health benefits in our own family.  It started with one of our kids having chronic ear infections before we changed his diet and added Shaklee supplements.  I have helped others with a variety of health issues and in turn most people who start using Shaklee products faithfully become long time customers and friends.


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